#Overheard at the coffee shop – Volume VII

#Overheard at the coffee shop – Volume VII

#Overheard at the coffee shop – Volume VII

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Morning my fellow $$$ nerds!!!

Ready to get out there and stack that cash?!

I won’t hold you up too much today, but before you get down to business I hope you’ll enjoy this latest round of #overheards from my daily coffee shop excursions…

I may be “wasting” $4.00 for coffee every day, but the entertainment I receive for doing so is priceless. And now it’s your gain too! 😉

So please to enjoy today – the latest installment of our #overheard series… Maybe I caught one of you spilling it out this month?


“I don’t go to stores because I buy $hit.”

A simple, yet often overlooked, piece of insight 🙂

“Sounds like you suffer from OFS… Oh Fart Syndrome!”

Two older ladies giving each other a hard time, haha…

“It’s okay to fail, but it’s never okay to suck.”

Should be a bumper sticker!

“Sometimes I walk into my house and wonder ‘where is the adult?’”

You and me both, haha… I have no idea at what point this happened, but it’s not nearly as fun as when someone else is in charge!

“This creepy guy showed up behind me in class today… he started out in a different seat, and then when I turned around minutes later he was right behind me”

I almost spit out my coffee on that one! That is creepy!!! And from what I gathered from the rest of the convo, it didn’t seem like he was interested in anything else in the class except her – *shiver*.

Person unexpectedly seeing her friend at the table: “You’re already done with work?”
Friend at the table: “Yup – only had to be in court for 6 mins today.”
Person: “Well that sucks.”
Friend: “Nah, not really – I get paid for the full 3 hours no matter how long I’m there for!”

I REALLY wanted to jump in and ask what he does, but didn’t want to be stalker’ish like that creepster up above, haha… Maybe one of you can take an educated guess though?!

“Be present and be nice. You do those two things and everything else will work itself out.”

This one was in regards to running a business, but obviously works in all areas of life 🙂

“If you look at his Facebook, it’s literally only pictures of him and his mom… so weird.”

I would LOVE to see this as a parent 🙂

“The love in my heart is keeping me from smacking you across your face right now…”

I almost had to move chairs after hearing these two people bicker for 15 mins, wow… Even put on my  headphones and could still hear them going after each other!

“Should we study something, and you know, talk about it? Or should we just hang out?”

Three college students trying to make the best use of their time… They ended up just hanging out.

“People who don’t math, don’t live long.”

Took me a while to make sure I heard that right, but after hearing “budgeting” and “pricing” come in shortly thereafter I knew it was 😉 If you can’t understand the simple rule of spending less than you earn in life, you’re in for a rough ride! Math doesn’t lie!

“Can you really get pregnant without losing your virginity??”

The look on the other person’s face was priceless, haha…

“People are now walking away from excellent job offers because one of the rules is that you’re not allowed to have your cell phone with you.”

A mom of a millennial in disbelief talking to her friend… (and rightfully so!)

“I just spent a month in Australia, and I didn’t see a single plastic straw there… They were all made of paper or metal.”

This was really cool to hear 🙂 Didn’t even know about paper or metal straws until the other month when some of y’all chimed in during my paper cup ban at Panera Bread… Such an easy and cheap alternative to do our part w/ the environment!

“I can’t find any wedding dresses I like or that I can afford, so I’m just going to sew it myself.”

Another awesome thing to hear!! Reminds me of when my wife wrote our own first dance song to dance to at our wedding, only she had to actually pony up some to get it recorded nicely 🙂 One of the best gifts she’s ever given me.

“I love you, but like – I’m an a$$hole of a person. *Laughs*”

At least he knows himself? 🙂

“If I wanted to marry for money, I wouldn’t have gotten with someone who has a degree in education.”


(A guy being interviewed for a barista job)

Interviewer: “So, do you like coffee?”
Interviewee: “Um yeah… I drink it”
Interviewer: “Do you like people?
Interviewee: “Um yeah… they’re okay”

The guy did not get the job.


And then here are some gems that some of y’all have sent over 🙂 Love that you’re joining me in the cause here! Haha…

From Hannah:

Kid: “I won.”

Dad: “No, that’s not how this works.”

Kid: “Daaaaaad, I won. Don’t you see these points?”

Dad: “Please don’t try to explain the rules of Pokemon to me. I was incredibly uncool in high school, and I know all the rules. I clearly won.”

From Nick:

From a mother to her daughter, probably around the age of 8 as she was looking at cereal:

Daughter: Mom, this one is cheaper, its only X.

Mother: But did you check the ounces?

Daughter: No

Mother: You need to check the ounces to see that you’re really getting a better deal.

They then busted out her phone and did the calculations… Gave me a warm tingly feeling watching the interaction until I had to move on because I realized how creepy I probably looked as 31 year old male.

And then lastly, from Cait Flanders who has been roaming around the world writing her 2nd book! This is more of an observance than an #overheard per se, but it was too interesting to not share with y’all… If you haven’t read Cait’s first book btw, you’re missing out! “The Year of Less”

I’ve been thinking a lot about this girl who I often see at my coffee shop here. She comes in at very random times, and sets herself up at one of the tables… and then puts out a little box of business cards on the corner of the table, facing outward, for people to see.

I haven’t been close enough to see what her business is, or had the courage to ask her yet… But what’s even more interesting is I’ve NEVER seen someone go up to her table and talk to her. And yet… she still does it.

Something about it feels so open/vulnerable to me… like you’re just putting yourself on display, in a way! I don’t think I could do it, but I’m totally inspired by the fact that she does.


Overheard anything lately yourself? Let us know!

Happy Monday!

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